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21 July 2007 @ 07:26 pm
Meh !  
Ok i got a full time job now about 40 hours a week
I work for a broadcast/professional level video camera renting compagny
They mainly rent for RDS ( french sport network).
So now i got less time for training in C:SI
Thats sucks big time.
I'll prolly loose my edge. did i had a edge before ? am i good ? is it important that i am good or not ?
Whats important ? what am i looking for in sword fighting ?
I try to be on as much as i can to give training to deshi im taking care of.
I wanna be there for them for training, for everything, for when the're sad, for when they are happy, when they they just want a hear that listen without judging.
why am i so emo lmao

I havent seen Tsu for quite a while i know his rl wife just got a baby :)
Kairu gave me some news.
My wish list to to ask Esprite to erease my name from scoreboard and make my HUD to ne show my kill/death
I keep hanging on Tokugawa looking bored as noobs keep fighting with noobs.
enough for now
Francis "Kenshin Sonoda" Gagnon
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