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22 February 2009 @ 12:01 am
Random thoughts  
Its been a while since there is something posted here.

I just wanted to post some random thoughts about Tendai and the C:SI comunity.

I think there is some lack in the senseis/students management.
new comers are left alone, nobody is taking care of them.
That is why i did a senseis/students list, To be easier to track whos got a sensei and who doesnt.
Maybe there is some who doesnt want a sensei. I have no problem with that.
Seeing all those kouhosha that have no sensei at all and on the other hand so few sensei REALLY active
thats kind of scary
To teach takes lots of commitment from the sensei, time and patience
but thats actually what i like most in C:SI. endless sparing can be boring sometime but i need to be
in top of my edge to be credible when i teach.

We been through somes drama lately about intolerance and lets call it "racism".I wont drop any name here
I didnt know there was such a thing in Tendai.
The C:SI comunity is made of people from all over the world.
Racism cant be accepted.
I got some testimony here and there from french that witness or beeing victime of some bad comments we could call racism.
Some think we are (french people) too dumb to understand what they say. they are wrong.

There seems to be a small group that share the same thoughts. they are usually seen togheter not speaking to any one or barely. they seem not very comitted in Tendai i dont see them sparing alot if never. I think Tendai is more of social club to them.
I hear some complain about them once in a while.
I tell them not to worry about them. Its totally normal i call them "the clique".

That beeing said lets talk about something else.

I tested Natalia Siemens today, she reached Kenkaku level ( same as Renchi but without the teaching part) she did pretty well.

Enough whinning for tonight its quite late, im tired :)
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